Raised Rs 25,000/- in February! - Aravind, Ashwin, Emal, Prarthana, Ramya, Nuella, Saahas, Souvik, Josephine ...who next?

Care Champion Gold &
Care Champion Silver

  • Winfred Gona runs for proVISION ASIA.
  • Mansoor Ahmed S runs for APD - The Association of People with Disability.
  • Varun Mehta runs for SRLC -Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust .
  • Janet Y runs for Trees For Free - Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust.
  • Nimit Batavia runs for SRLC -Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust .
  • G Manohar Row runs for Karunashraya - Bangalore Hospice Trust.
  • Emily Parkes runs for Reaching Hand.
  • Derek Dsouza runs for Reaching Hand.
pair Individuals, using the platform of  TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014, and can raise whatever amount possible for a cause close to their heart for making a larger impact than just making one donation.
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  • Centum Electronics Ltd runs for proVISION ASIA.
  • Sasken Communication Technology runs for Sambhav Foundation.
  • B Fouress Ltd runs for SRLC -Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust .
  • SanDisk runs for CMCA - Childrens' Movement for Civic Awareness.
  • Accenture India runs for BOSCO-Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota.
  • Tektronix India runs for Foundation For Excellence India Trust India (FFEIT).
TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014 - Participating NGOs